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Grab My Free $10,000 WordPress Report

I have just released a new report that details how I made more than $10,000 and built a list of 3500 people by giving away WordPress themes. Download it from here. The idea is a very simple one; you give something away for free (in return for an email address) and then present an offer. In … [Read more...]

Really Busy Week Plus Sites To Look Out For

Well that was a really busy week. I made and sold almost 30 blogs this week, as well as keeping up with the launch of I don’t think I have ever worked this hard before! All blogs were auto blogs, loaded with 12 months of content and unique Wordpress themes etc. If you ever thought … [Read more...]

Is Flippa Becoming Less Popular?

I’ve been reading quite a few comments this week about how slow things are moving on Flippa, especially new sites. I’ve noticed it myself with none of my 4 auto blogs having any interest since I listed them several days ago. Is it just a slow market or do people not want auto blogs any … [Read more...]

I’m Throwing Formal Out Of The Window

OK, I’ve decided to change the direction of my blog. Big move I know but I think it’s going to be best for me AND you. So what’s changing? Well, I’ve decided to stop my formal posts giving you blogging tips as often as I can. Why am I doing this? Well let’s be honest, you can get … [Read more...]