ClickBank Rebrandable Software

Rapid Affiliate Software - Dog Training EditionI have just launched the second edition of my Rapid Affiliate Software.

This time it targets the dog training niche.

All you have to do is rebrand the software with your own ClickBank affiliate link, name the software and then give it away. When people click on the affiliate link inside the software and purchase the product….you get paid!

The software comes with built in videos and a large pdf guide so there’s a lot of value in people downloading it. Plus you get the added benefit of having the software on their computers so they will open it up in the future.

You can also submit the software to thousands of sites using software like Submit Worker or use gigs on Fiverr to do it.

Here is the latest dog training edition.

Here is the first edition which targets fat loss.

There will be new editions coming very soon too!

Thanks for reading.

Tony Newton

Tony Newton