Archives for November 2009

3 Quick Ways of Creating Blog Content

One of the biggest concerns for bloggers is deciding what they are going to write about, day in-day out. It’s easy to sit down in front of your PC and just not be able to come up with any ideas at all. You know the clock is ticking but your brain just gets frozen and before you know it, an hour has … [Read more...]

Free Blogging Resources

To become successful in the blogging world, you are going to need to know about and use a whole range of free blogging resources. There is a huge amount available and I will go through some of the most popular below. Obviously there are thousands that could be added and I could never fit them … [Read more...]

3 Way Link Building Explained

I’d like to explain 3 way link building. You may or may not have heard about it before but it is a great way to get relevant links that are far more powerful than reciprocal link building. What I am talking about here is getting links from related sites. Nothing at all to do with bookmarking or … [Read more...]

Using Artisteer To Build A Blog Business

In this video I show how you can use the software program Artisteer to build a blog business. The software is amazingly powerful and allows you to create unique Wordpress themes in seconds. You can then use these themes to build your own blog business. I give you some examples of how you can do … [Read more...]