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5 Blog Tips To Improve Your Blog

Sometimes even small changes can make a big difference. This can be said about improving your blog too. Just the smallest of things can be changed to increase your blogs readership and the quality of it. So let’s look at 5 blog tips that can improve your blog starting today: #1 – Forget Being … [Read more...]

Top Ten Blogs About Blogging

It’s always useful to find as much information about your chosen topic as you can. So finding several blogs that share this information is very useful indeed. So, below I’ll list the top ten blogs about blogging and why I like them so much. Of course I'm not including my own blog in this list … [Read more...]

Interlink Your Posts For Better Exposure

Once you have been blogging for a while, you’ll start to build up dozens, possibly hundreds, of blog posts. These posts can be pushed away to one side and only get traffic from the search engines. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t still useful, so interlinking to them from your new posts is a … [Read more...]

My Favourite 3 Free Blogging Resources

One of the best things about working online is you have access some of the best tools, resources and information right at your finger tips. A lot of it is available completely free too. So here is my list of favourite free resources. Free Blogging Resource #1 – WooThemes I must admit, I … [Read more...]

Wishlist WordPress Membership Site Plugin – My Review

I wouldn’t use another Wordpress membership plugin…period. That’s my review. Get it from here. What? You want me to elaborate? Well, OK Then! I’ve already used the plugin on several sites and it is ready to go on 3 new membership sites I’m launching in March. So what exactly does it … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Prove Your Worth As A Blogger

Many bloggers have the same problem…..trying to connect with their readers. Sometimes it can feel like you are writing your backside off and getting nothing in return. No-one is responding to your posts and your traffic levels are just levelling out. So what can you do? Well, trying to … [Read more...]

4 Highly Effective Blog Traffic Tips

To be successful, every blog needs to have targeted traffic interested in your information. This video shows 4 different ways you can use to start getting this Enjoy Your Blogging! Tony … [Read more...]

Interview Your Way To A Hugely Popular Blog

Interviewing authority figures within your niche can be an awesome way to get a lot of traffic fast to your blog. So how do you go about it? Step #1 – Find People To Interview Just go and spend some time noting down the most popular people (they don’t have to be bloggers) within your niche. … [Read more...]

Blog Commenting is Not about Comment Spamming

Here’s the difference between blog commenting and blog comment spamming: Blog Commenting – Leaving useful and informative comments on other people’s blogs. Blog Comment Spamming – Using software to leave comments on thousands of blogs overnight. There are several pieces of software that you … [Read more...]

Website Flipping in 2010 – Still Profitable?

I personally sold more than 200 websites in 2009. All were profitable, some were very profitable. But is website flipping still a good option for making money in 2010? You bet it is! Click Here to get some awesome FREE site flipping videos before they are taken down… One thing that did … [Read more...]