Grab My Free $10,000 WordPress Report

I have just released a new report that details how I made more than $10,000 and built a list of 3500 people by giving away WordPress themes. Download it from here. The idea is a very simple one; you give something away for free (in return for an email address) and then present an offer. In … [Read more...]

Blog Flipping Is Alive & Kicking – Real Life Examples

Around a year or so ago there was a huge influx on Flippa with people trying to sell custom blogs. People would just install one of the Revolution themes, add some content and then try and sell them for $197. With so many people doing it, it soon started to die off and only the blogs getting … [Read more...]

Make Money By Giving Away WordPress Themes

There are so many ways to make money with Wordpress and I like to use more than a dozen each year. This particular one I did a few years ago but there's no reason at all why it wouldn't work just as well today, so I thought I would share exactly what I did :) In August 2006 I created and … [Read more...]

Digital Photography School – Million Dollar Buyout Turned Down

In a post on his blog, Darren Rowse from the excellent blog revealed how he has turned down several offers for one of his blogs. The blog in question is called Digital Photography School - and is just three years old (or so). I found it interesting that he has considered the … [Read more...]