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Make Money By Giving Away WordPress Themes

Wordpress ThemesThere are so many ways to make money with WordPress and I like to use more than a dozen each year.

This particular one I did a few years ago but there’s no reason at all why it wouldn’t work just as well today, so I thought I would share exactly what I did 🙂

In August 2006 I created and launched the site – The site gave away free WordPress and Blogger themes and has a one time offer for 100 themes.

I had a basic theme created for me, for I think it was $60. I then adapted it and created all the images for the blogs and put the package together. In total with all the images it stood me at $160.

On initial launch I had a few good JV partners, so I had a good supply of immediate sales. I also prepared 8 follow up messages promoting the latest products at that time. These messages brought in sales almost everyday for the first few months. No joke.

I shot straight into the top 11,000 sites online as shown in Alexa:

Top 10,000 Alexa!

Also, on every theme was a link at the bottom, which says “Theme By Adsense Blog Themes” with a live link to my site. So I got free traffic from visitors to other people’s blogs.

The site grew to over 200 unique visitors daily and I never once paid for any advertising.

So I was earning money as well as building a list. Over 3500 gave me their name and email to download the themes. This enabled me to build a very targeted list. I had some good results promoting other people’s products too. Here are the results of Rob Benwell’s Baby Blogging Bonanza product:

Baby Blogging Bonanza

I finished #8 winning $100 and of course all the commissions from the sales I made. (I even beat Phil Wiley! LOL!)

I then promoted 3-4 times to that list every month. These are almost always resell products to do with blogging or making money online.

Here is the result of a promotion I sent out on the 2nd October 07. It was for a video on an alternative to Adsense and each sale was for $10 straight into my Paypal account. At last count I sold 38 of these:

Email Promotion

I eventually sold the site for $2000, so it’s not mine any longer.

So Why Am I Telling You This?

The reason why I’m sharing these results with you is that you can easily achieve it yourself. Just create hundreds of themes using Artisteer and give them away. Build a list and promote related products to the list and earn hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars in commissions.

Just add your links to the bottom of the themes and give them away to as many people as you can. In exchange for their email address, they get great looking themes and you get the ability to send out promotions to them for years to come.

What are you waiting for?

Tony Newton