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How to Stop Your Blogs from Getting Hacked

HackerYour blog has been hacked…

That was the subject line of the email I received telling me my main blog had been hacked.

I couldn’t believe it at the time. I keep WordPress updated and use a professional theme but somehow hackers got in and placed a script on my site that infected visitors computers.

I immediately got in touch with my host who I must say wasn’t very helpful at all.

In the end I spent hours trying to find out what they had done and removed it myself.

If you have ever had this problem too then I feel for you. If you haven’t then you really need to protect your blogs because hacking is only getting worse.

Here’s a great plugin you can install to protect all your blogs:

>> Click here to check it out

I wish I had it installed on my blog before it got hacked because they wouldn’t have got in….period.

Thanks for reading!

Tony Newton