Flipping Adsense Sites – Case Studies

Flipping Sites For ProfitJust in case you are not aware of how profitable Adsense sites can be, they routinely sell for 15-20 times (or more) their monthly revenue.

So if a site is earning $10 a day, that’s $300 a month and could sell for anywhere between $4000-$10000.

These crazy amounts are far more than the regular 6-10 months earnings that everyone talks about. You only need to look at sales on Flippa to find examples of these Adsense sites selling almost everyday.

And that’s exactly what I’ll do now…

OK so I’m looking through the “Just Sold” category on Flippa and here’s one that was sold yesterday (6th October 2011) :

Diabetes Site

Flipping Adsense Sites

Flippa listing – https://flippa.com/2649031-175-adsense-month-pr-3-6k-unique-visitor-month-10k-pageviews-no-reserve

Website – http://www.online-diabetes-information.com/

The site was averaging $175 a month yet sold at auction for $4990.

That’s approx 28.5 months revenue.

Aquarium Lighting Site

Flipping Adsense Site

This one ended 2 days ago (5th October 2011)

Flippa listing – https://flippa.com/2650342-221-monthly-profit-google-adsense-2-5-years-old

Website – http://www.saltwateraquariumlighting.com/

The site was averaging $178 a month and sold at auction for $4000.

That’s approx 22.5 months revenue.

Stop Sweating Site

Adsense Site

This site was sold 8 days ago (30th September 2011)

Flippa listing – https://flippa.com/2642729-established-pr4-health-website-290-monthly-4-special-bin-bonuses-included

Website – http://stop-excessive-sweating-now.com/

The site was averaging $290 a month and sold at auction for $5497.

That’s approx 19 months revenue.

So if you’re not building Adsense sites yourself, you should be asking yourself why not!

They are generally quite small sites that target a specific niche. Content can be added on an on-going basis to keep Google happy but the main thing is you get the sites making $5-$10 a day. That way you can flip them for $4000-$5000 every day of the week.

If they make more money each month, the more you will flip them for.

The concept is easy to follow, scalable, repeatable and hugely profitable!

Inside Lump Sum Profits are case studies of people doing this and literally making a killing. I’ve done it myself and still do, although I am busy with other stuff too, so I’m not as dedicated to building as I was 5 years ago.

But I’ve still had more than 200,000 clicks from Adsense so I must have done something right!

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Tony Newton