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How to Make My Blog Popular

Popular BlogHow to make my blog popular is a question that is asked by hundreds (possibly thousands) of bloggers every year.

They have a great looking blog which they created themselves or paid hundreds of dollars for someone to make it for them, yet each time they log into their traffic stats they see 4 or 5 people have visited the day before.

There’s nothing more frustrating than writing everyday only to see that you’re just getting no results from it.

So what’s the answer?

Well there are lots of answers to that question but let’s look at some ways you can use today to get more traffic to your blog.

Method #1 – Write Quality Content

Sounds obvious right? But in reality SO MANY people get this wrong. The best way to increase your blog traffic is to write quality content that appeals to your target audience.

And it works 2 fold:

Quality content will connect with your readers. They will anticipate your next post and keep visiting your blog. They will also tell their friends about your blog.

Which brings us to the second benefit, people will link to your blog from their own blogs. When this starts happening you open the doors up to lots of ‘link avenues’ that will bring in traffic. What’s even better is the traffic is already targeted to your market.

Writing quality content has multiple advantages in bringing in and KEEPING traffic connected to your blog.

Method #2 – Create Link Bait

This can overlap the previous method but the point of link bait is to create something that other blogs and websites will naturally link to. So it can be a quality blog post, free report, free product, free software. Basically, something of value that will appeal to your target audience.

Give it away and people will link to it.

Top lists work great for this. Just create a list of 10, 20 or even 50 popular things in your market.

It can be the top blogs in your niche, top tips to achieve something, top people you aspire to be like. Hopefully you get the point.

The great thing about this method is it works 2 fold too:

You’re providing a valuable resource, so naturally other blogs will want to link to your top list as it gives their readers more value.

If your top list is a list of other blogs or websites, THEY will want to tell their readers and link to your post. So you will get streams of traffic from the blogs you have listed in your top list. You can guarantee they find your list by emailing them and telling them.

So again, you get 2 excellent new ‘traffic avenues’ with this method too.

Method #3 – Write for Other Blogs

Yes we’re talking about guest posting. You can create content for other blogs and get them to post it. This will of course have a link back to your own blog so you’ll get some great targeted traffic, as long as you choose related blogs to post on.

Bloggers naturally want great, unique content for their blogs. If they don’t have to write it themselves then it’s impossible for them to turn down.

Blogs such as ProBlogger have guest posts on a daily basis. This is because Darren gets quality content and the authors get free traffic from his popular blog.

It’s truly win-win.

So take a lot around and list the top ten blogs in your niche. Send the owner an email introducing yourself and ask them if you can write some unique content for them. If they agree, just be sure to write the best content you can and submit it to them.

Just continue to do this until you have gone through as many blogs as you can find.

Guest posting gives your blog targeted free traffic that can last for years.

I Could Go On But….

Of course this list could continue on and on but hopefully just these 3 methods will give you an idea of how to make your blog popular and get that traffic you have wanted for ages.

Just be sure that your blog is high quality and you’ll keep a large percentage of the traffic coming back for years to come.

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Tony Newton