Niche Reaper Review | Niche Reaper by Matt Garrett

I’ve just spent the last hour playing with Niche Reaper. It’s not been released yet but Matt has given us access to it so we can see what it’s all about. I met Matt briefly last year at the Bristol event and we have done some quite similar things over the years online.

So here’s my official Niche Reaper review:

Niche Reaper is a keyword tool by Matt Garrett & Gary Prendergast and is being released on the 17th May. Yes, of course there are lots of keyword tools on the market but this one is very different.

What makes it different I hear you ask?

Well, most keyword tools require you to enter a keyword in the first place. This means you must have already spent time finding a niche and picking a keyword. Well Niche Reaper differs because it finds the niches for you. Then selects the easiest and most profitable keywords and puts them into batches.

So basically you get:

– Niches that are profitable handed to you on a plate
– Keywords that have a good cost per click (CPC)
– Keywords that are easy to rank for
– More than 20,000 keywords filtered and sorted every single day

That is what makes Niche Reaper different to other tools. It works totally hands free and you can login and just download the niches and keywords you want, when you want them. You don’t need to have any niche in mind at all; it deals with that headache for you.

The amount of data it gives you is very cool indeed. You get the keywords that are easy to target, the average cost per click, the amount of potential earnings from ranking in the top 5 places, available domain names and even whether Facebook fan pages are available for that term.

Matt and Gary have spent a lot of time on this tool and it’s clear to see from the interface. When you login to the main page, you list the list of keywords and every few seconds a new one pops in. These keywords are then grouped into niches and you have instant mini sites or blogs to make from them. You know for a fact that you can trust the keywords and they will convert into high paying clicks.

So if you want a keyword tool that actually takes all the work out of using a keyword tool, you need to check it out when it opens.

—> Here’s the official site.

It gets my vote!