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Stuck For Ideas? Don’t Know What To Write About?

Blog Writing IdeasIt can be one of the most difficult things each day when you want to write a post to your blog but just can’t think of what to write about.

I’m sure it happens to many bloggers, including myself sometimes.

Fortunately there are certain things you can do to help this.

Plan a Week Ahead

The first, which is something I like to do myself, is to plan out 7 days of posts at the weekend. Just sit down on a Saturday or Sunday and brainstorm 7 ideas for blog posts.

You don’t have to write the posts, just get the 7 ideas together. Then each day for the next week, you just have to pick one of the ideas and write the post. This will really speed things up each day and will save you lots of brain power!

Here are a few other things you can use to help too:

Google AlertsSign up to receive news and blog alerts for terms in your niche. Each day you will receive news about the particular keywords you enter. What you can do then is just re-write this news into your own words and in your own unique style. This can also be a great way to tap into new readers who are searching for a particular news item.

Blogs In Your Niche – You should already know who the other bloggers are in your niche (first rule of business is to know your competition 🙂). So visit their blogs and see what they are writing about. Obviously don’t blatantly steal any of their hard work, just use them to get some ideas of what to write about. Look back through their archives or see their popular posts, you can then see what subjects will give your blog more benefit too.

Keyword Research – Although there is always an argument over whether bloggers should write for their readers or for the search engines, doing some form of keyword research will always help you to get more visitors. So use the Google Keyword Tool and find 50-100 keywords that are related to your niche. Then when you want to think of some ideas for new posts, look through them and see if you can incorporate them into your blog.

Hopefully these ideas will help you out when you hit the wall in terms of what to write about today.

Enjoy Your Blogging!


3 thoughts on “Stuck For Ideas? Don’t Know What To Write About?

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  • These are great ideas Tony! And timely, too. I have been working on a post on overcoming writer’s block (ironically while trying to overcome writer’s block). So when I saw this on your twitter feed, I referenced it in my post.

  • Thanks Chad!

    I noticed your reference – much appreciated 🙂


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