Are 1 Page Blogs Now Dead?

Are 1 Page Blogs Dead?

In a recent post I talked about the difference between building small niche blogs or building authority blogs. Each of them has their advantages. But since the Panda update a lot of people now believe that small (thin) sites will drop down the rankings. Well with anything I do online, I always test and try […]

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Using the Trophy Pigeon Method

Trophy Pigeon

This post follows on from my post yesterday about ways to make your blog more popular. There is a recently released product which I bought myself called the Trophy Pigeon method. It’s being sold on the Warrior Forum and you can download it from here. Its concept shows how to get 10,000 or more visitors […]

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How to Make My Blog Popular


How to make my blog popular is a question that is asked by hundreds (possibly thousands) of bloggers every year. They have a great looking blog which they created themselves or paid hundreds of dollars for someone to make it for them, yet each time they log into their traffic stats they see 4 or […]

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Flipping Adsense Sites – Case Studies

Flipping Adsense Sites

Just in case you are not aware of how profitable Adsense sites can be, they routinely sell for 15-20 times (or more) their monthly revenue. So if a site is earning $10 a day, that’s $300 a month and could sell for anywhere between $4000-$10000. These crazy amounts are far more than the regular 6-10 […]

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Making Money with Niche Adsense Blogs

My Adsense Clicks

There are many ways to monetize a blog. Paid advertising, affiliate marketing, CPA ads, text links ads, the list goes on and on. One of the easiest ways to monetize a blog is to put Adsense ads on them. The reason I say it’s the easiest is because Google will automatically show relevant ads for […]

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Advantages of Being a Popular Blogger

Rugby Bloggers

Yesterday in this post I mentioned the recent story of travel bloggers Craig Makepeace and Caz Makepeace who were paid by Qantas to follow the rugby World Cup in New Zealand. They had an all expenses paid trip to follow and report on each game. Why did Qantas do that? Well because Craig and Caz […]

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Niche Blogs or Authority Blogs, Which are Best?

Niche Blog or Authority Blog?

I guess many people see traditional ‘blogging’ as one person writing about their expertise or lives on one blog. If they do this regularly then that blog can become an authority in its particular market. They could possibly get a lot of traffic and build up a following and community base then choose whether to […]

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Choosing Keywords for Niche Blogs

Paleo Diet ClickBank Results

So I’ve been building niche blogs for 8 or 9 years now and during that time the guidelines I use have changed a lot. Not only with how I set up my blogs but also how I go about choosing keywords for my niche blogs. First of All, What is a Niche Blog? My niche […]

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Ways to Find Blog Topic Ideas

Blog Topic Ideas

Finding blog topic ideas can often stop bloggers dead in their tracks. Some get almost paralyzed and just can’t think of a topic to blog about. So in this article I will run through some of the methods I use to come up with blog topic ideas that are relevant to my niche and also […]

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Ideas for Blog Names

Ideas for Blog Names

Coming up with ideas for blog names might sound easy at first. But then when you realise it could literally make or break your blog, then you know that you might want to spend a little time getting it right. There are of course no real rights or wrongs in choosing your name but there […]

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