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Content Curation – The Easy Way to Create Blog Posts

Content CurationI’ve somehow managed to work fulltime online since 2003.

In the majority of that time, I have made most mon-ey by creating websites and selling them.

So I always look at trends and study closely which sites are popular and selling for good amounts.

Then I create sites following those trends and sell them.

It’s probably just that which has allowed me the freedom I’ve had for the last 9 years.

Well around 6 months ago, I noticed a site went up for sale called

It took 3 attempts for the owner to sell it on Flippa as buyers backed out the first 2 times.

It happens.

But the third time it sold for an incredible $200,000

I sent the owner Chris a few messages whilst it was on auction to ask about how he creates his content.

And I just couldn’t believe his reply and how easy it was to manage.

He simply signed up to RSS feeds and used a popular reader to get the latest news. Then re-wrote some of them and posted them to the site.

Sometimes he just wrote a sentence and then pasted in the rest directly from the feed.

The results?

Well apart from selling it for $200,000 it was earning him on average $6500 a month for just a few hours work a day.

It was almost getting 1 million unique visitors a month too.

All from re-purposing freely available content!

This method is being used by some of the biggest blogs and websites online. We’re talking multi-million dollar businesses.

It’s commonly known as content curation and one of the easiest and fastest ways of getting related content and using it in a way the search engines and visitors love.

Here’s a brand new guide that shows you every step you need to take to do this yourself:

There’s also a daily action plan it comes with too, just 30 minutes a day to complete.

Tony Newton