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Ways to Find Blog Topic Ideas

Blog Topic IdeasFinding blog topic ideas can often stop bloggers dead in their tracks. Some get almost paralyzed and just can’t think of a topic to blog about. So in this article I will run through some of the methods I use to come up with blog topic ideas that are relevant to my niche and also that my readers will find useful.

Blog Topic Ideas – Use Keyword Research

The first way to come up with blog topic ideas is to do some research. You can use the free Google Keyword tool and enter in a word associated with the niche of your blog. Then drill down through the keywords until you find one that you think will be useful for your readers.

You can take this one step further and look at the competition for that keyword to see if you can rank high in the search engines for it. This will ensure that each post you make on your blog can bring you traffic everyday for an unlimited period of time. The more content you post, the more free traffic you will get. Simple!

Blog Topic Ideas – Hot Trends

Another method of finding blog topic ideas is to use Google Trends and see what is a hot topic right now. Google Trends shows you the hottest trends and topics on a daily basis. By blogging about these hot trends you can literally get hundreds of visitors a day if your blog is ranked high enough for each topic.

All you need to do is find related topics to your niche. If there simply aren’t any, another possibility is adding a news category to your blog. Then just add these hot trends to that category and this will bring in free traffic to your blog. Now of course it isn’t 100% targeted traffic but it could still make you money if you have advertising on your blog.

Blog Topic Ideas – Spy on Your Competitors

If you still can’t think of blog topic ideas to use then why not spy on your competitors and see what they are blogging about. This is a quick and easy method to find useful topics and you can also check out any comments from their visitors to see if they asked any questions or complimented the blogger.

You should already have an idea who your competitors are, if not just type in your main keyword into Google and go through the results looking for blogs. Bookmark them for later when you need a topic to blog about. Then visit them and see what they are writing about and put your own unique spin on the topic.

This is another easy way to come up with blog topic ideas fast.

So hopefully you have found this article on creating blog topic ideas useful and it will speed up your own blog writing as you won’t be stuck for ideas any longer! Feel free to leave your comments below.