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Ideas for Blog Names

Ideas for Blog NamesComing up with ideas for blog names might sound easy at first. But then when you realise it could literally make or break your blog, then you know that you might want to spend a little time getting it right. There are of course no real rights or wrongs in choosing your name but there are several things to think about and I’ll go over them below.

Ideas for Blog Names – Go With Your Own Name

Your blog name will basically become your brand name. This is what people will think about when they want to remember your blog and re-visit. So one way you could name your blog is to use your own name. This is great if you have a personal blog and are sharing tips about your own niche.

This blog for example just uses my name ‘Tony Newton’ as the brand. It’s not done for any other reason than people who follow me know where to find my blog. If I named it something else then it wouldn’t be as easy or obvious that it’s my blog. So that’s why I use my own name and why it could work for you too.

Ideas for Blog Names – Keyword Optimized

If you don’t want to use your own name, then another option is to use a keyword optimized name. You could use this in your branding and as your main domain name. You would simply go through some keywords related to your niche and find one where the .com extension is available if possible.

The key with going for a keyword optimized blog name is to choose a keyword that is searched for quite a few times but that also doesn’t have too much competition. You need to be able to get ranked for the keyword easily and take advantage of the free traffic it will bring.

Ideas for Blog Names – Something Unique

Another option when coming up with ideas for blog names is to go for something completely unique that doesn’t mean anything at all. This will be a word that isn’t related to your niche or yourself. It just needs to be short (if possible), brand able and easy to remember. This type of name will work especially if you have some money to use in advertising, as you’ll need to get your ‘brand’ out there without relying on easy search engine traffic.

These types of so called ‘web 2.0’ names are being snapped up and held by many domain investors. So this type of blog name might not be too easy to obtain. But if you manage to find one then it’s always an option for you to use.

So that concludes this post on how to come up with ideas for blog names. As I mentioned at the beginning, there is no right or wrong. Just pick one and do you best to make it as popular as you can!