Blogging Tips Launch – Learn How To Flip Blogs

blogflipz.comYesterday was a very exciting day in the life of Tony Newton (that’s me!).

I released a new product that shows exactly how to earn money by flipping blogs. But that wasn’t most exciting part……I got to work with Tony Shepherd on the project. Tony is a hugely successful internet marketer and someone I have followed for quite a while.

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How It Came About

It was actually a huge coincidence. Tony contacted me one day regarding doing a custom blog for him. We got talking about what he wanted and I mentioned the fact that I had sold more than 200 blogs in the last 12 months.

Personally I didn’t think anything of it because I’ve been doing it for many years but Tony was really interested in the whole process.

So I showed him exactly what I was doing and he really loved the simple concept.

That is how BlogFlipz came about.

Here are just a few things inside the training system:

The ‘QuickFlipz’ Method – How to create and flip a blog the same day for up to $100

– The Blogflipz automation technique – Put content building for your blogs on TOTAL AUTOPILOT and let them sit for a few days or weeks while you watch their flippable value increase!

– The step – by – step, fast track research methods that will put you head and shoulders above any competition

Where exactly to sell your blogs for the best price

So if you want to learn exactly what I do to earn money by flipping blogs, check it out and you could be selling your own blogs today!

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Enjoy Your Blogging!