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Interview Your Way To A Hugely Popular Blog

Interviewing For More ReadersInterviewing authority figures within your niche can be an awesome way to get a lot of traffic fast to your blog.

So how do you go about it?

Step #1 – Find People To Interview

Just go and spend some time noting down the most popular people (they don’t have to be bloggers) within your niche. Write down their names and contact details.

Then send them a polite email, introducing yourself and ask them if they would mind doing a quick interview (using skype). Tell them they can use it to give great value to their own customers and also you will be posting it on your blog.

Try and get over to them the benefits it will give them and their business.

Step #2 – Get Your Questions Together

Make a list of 5-20 questions that you want them to answer and be sure they all give value and would be useful for other people to know.

Once you have the list of questions, send them to the people who agree to be interviewed so that they can prepare their answers.

Step #3 – Interview Time

You would arrange to do the interview at a time that suits the person you are interviewing.

Begin by introducing the person and a brief bio of who they are and what they have achieved. Then move onto the questions until you reach the end.

Just use Skype to do the interview and recording software such as Pamela to record it.

Step #4 – Promote It

You now have a podcast that can be added to your blog. So write a post on your blog, telling your readers what they will learn by listening to it and have it available on the post for them to listen to.

You should also then submit the podcast to as many podcast directories as you can.

Also get the person you interviewed to tell their own customers about the interview and get them to link to your blog post.


These types of interviews can be done in a very short space of time but can bring in hundreds of extra readers to your blog. Especially if you manage to find real authority figures to interview.

So try it out and get those extra readers today 🙂

Enjoy Your Blogging!