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Blog Commenting is Not about Comment Spamming

Say No To Blog SpammingHere’s the difference between blog commenting and blog comment spamming:

Blog Commenting – Leaving useful and informative comments on other people’s blogs.

Blog Comment Spamming – Using software to leave comments on thousands of blogs overnight.

There are several pieces of software that you can buy right now and start spamming your comments onto other people’s blogs.

Are they worth the money?

Well I guess it depends on how much you value your blog. If you just want to earn money from a blog and want to get lots of links to them, then comment spamming will do just that.

But how the search engines will view your blog when it suddenly gets hundreds, possibly thousands, of links overnight is something you won’t know unless you try it. But do so at your own risk is all I am saying.

Blog Commenting The Right Way

Leaving comments on other blogs is a fantastic way to get targeted traffic onto your own blog. People will read your comments and see your link, so as long as your comments are useful, you should get visitors from each comment.

All you need to do is go and search for related blogs to your own niche and see if the blog owner is allowing comments. Just look at previous posts and see if they have comments on them. If they do then find a post that you can share some thoughts on.

The key for leaving your comments is to make sure they are related to the blog post you are commenting on and actually add value to it.

Maybe you could share a related tip? Add something extra to the post to create more value? Ask a question? Thank them for a great post?

One thing that will help your comments to be accepted is to make sure you reference something in the post. This proves you have actually read it and not using automated software.

Most bloggers love getting real comments on their blogs. It proves to them that people actually like what they are doing and like to read their blog.

So find at least an hour a week to go and leave 5-10 useful comments on other blogs and you may be surprised at just how much traffic they start to bring in 🙂

Enjoy Your Blogging!