Lump Sum Profits – Ryan Moran’s New Site Flipping Course

Here’s my take on Lump Sum Profits by Ryan Moran.

As someone who has been flipping sites for more years than I care to remember, whenever a new course on site flipping comes out I am always keen to see what it is about.

Some of them are mostly rehashed stuff, or have a formula that gets overcrowded very quickly. But then there are others that are built on solid, business based foundations.

Lump Sum Profits is one of the latter.

Ryan Moran is the creator of the course and if you haven’t heard of him before, he’s one the site flippers that most guru’s go to, to help them sell their own sites.

The one thing I really like about this course is it shows how to buy sites, monetize them and position them correctly to sell on again. This is something I have never really done myself, as I prefer to build them and sell them.

But it’s actually quite fascinating and something I might look into more seriously.

There’s an example of a site he bought for $750, which was a product and came with a 20,000 email list. He did some affiliate promotions which almost earned back his money straight away, then flipped the entire thing for $3200!

Now that’s what site flipping is really about!

There are also plenty of examples of PIG UGLY websites you can build in an afternoon and flip for 4 or 5 figures, even if they’re not making any money.

Here’s where to find out more about Lump Sum Profits

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