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Million Dollar Blog Examples

Million Dollar BlogsWe would all like a blog that was worth in excess of $1 million right? Well it’s actually quite a lot easier than you think 🙂

To give you just a few examples of what I am talking about here and what is easily possible, let’s take a look at some examples: – You may have heard of this one already but the results are worth mentioning again. A two year old blog, updated just a few times a week and operated by ONE MAN was sold in 2009 for $15 Million. – This blog is owned by Darren Rowse from and recently he has revealed he has turned down 3 offers of almost $1 Million each for his photography blog. Again, the blog is just 2 years old and he revealed that the potential buyers weren’t even interested in how much it was making or even how much traffic it was getting! – Alborz Fallah started up this blog in his part time. It has since grown into one of the most popular blogs in Australia. Just this one simple blog brings in thousands of dollars each year, has been valued by capital investors at $5 Million and he has already turned down $1 Million offers to buy the blog. – Lifehacker was started in 2005 by Gina Trapani. Since then it has grown to having over 7 Million page views a month and estimated to be making between $400,000 – $1 Million per year in revenue. Which means it has been given a selling value of $3 Million – $6 Million. Not bad for a blog that is only 3 years old! – Again, started just 3 years ago was TechCrunch. It has grown to almost 1 Million RSS subscribers and is estimated to be earning $200,000 PER MONTH in revenue.

Now, of course it’s going to take some work but the results in just a few years can be well worth the effort.

Enjoy Your Blogging!


4 thoughts on “Million Dollar Blog Examples

  • thanks man. i wish i were making that amount of dough. but remember no one can beat google

  • Hi Ed

    Hard work and dedication will always pay off.

    Plus, you don’t have to “beat” Google to become rich 🙂


  • would be great to have a blog or site worth that amount of money one day

  • Hi Darryl

    It sure would 🙂

    But nothing is impossible if you “believe” you can do it.


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