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Why Do Most Bloggers Just Give Up?

Here’s a short video that goes through what I personally think are the main reasons why most bloggers just give up on their blogs:

As you can see, it can be down to several different reasons but I think the most common one is that they just have no interest in the topic.

They either started out with the sole intention of earning money and it hasn’t happened or they just have no REAL interest in the topic at all. Both these reasons can cause a blog to fail even before it has had time to grow.

As I mention in the video, starting out with the intention of solely earning money will show through in your blog posts. Adding lots of banners and affiliate links to a blog that has not got any authority or readers yet, will just put visitors off. They know that the only reason you are keeping the blog updated is to earn money from it.

Get Your Authority First

Become an authority in your niche even before you think of monetizing. Once you have your readership, they won’t mind if you place small banners here and there because they are already enjoying your content.

Have Passion in Your Topic

The second reason most bloggers give up is because they don’t really have a passion in the blog topic. They run out of ideas of new content they can post purely because they don’t know a lot about the subject. This is when blogs begin to die out and visitors just disappear because no new content is being added.

Passion Shines Through in Blogging

It’s clear to see when a person is passionate about their blog topic because they give away far more than is expected of them. They do it to help their readers and have no other ulterior motives. They just want to help by sharing their knowledge.

That is the big difference between a blog that fails and one that becomes popular and thriving.

Hope this post helps you decide on a blog topic yourself that will succeed and not fail!

Enjoy Your Blogging!


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