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Free Blogging ResourcesTo become successful in the blogging world, you are going to need to know about and use a whole range of free blogging resources. There is a huge amount available and I will go through some of the most popular below.

Obviously there are thousands that could be added and I could never fit them all in here, so I’ll list the most popular.

I’ll split them up into sections to make it easier to follow:


Blogger – If you want to build your blogs for free, then you can create them here. Create as many as you want and use them to make money. Only negative point to using free blogs is you have no permanent control over them and could lose them all if for some reason blogger close down your account.

WordPress – Almost all professional blogs are powered by WordPress. It comes free to install on most good hosts that have cPanel. If you don’t have cPanel then it can still be downloaded for free from WordPress but you need to install it. The great thing about using WordPress is the shear number of themes and plugins that are available.


PicApp – Adding images to your blog is a great way to make them look more professional and also encourage more visitors. You can use images from PicApp for free and their system makes them super easy to add to your blogs.

Copyblogger – Writing content that appeals to your readers is crucial to the success of your blog. Copyblogger has some awesome tips about writing professional content for blogs and also copywriting in general. As I write this it has almost 80,000 subscribers so that should tell you how good it is!

YouTube – Add videos to your blogs for free by using Youtube. Nothing new here but it can add some interactivity to your blog that your readers will love.

Article Directories – You can take articles from article directories and post them onto your blog. Obviously you need to stick to the guidelines and include the author resource box but they can give your readers some useful content ONLY if you have no time to write your own article.

Bum Marketing – If you want to write content fast, then use the tips from Bum Marketing method to help you.


PingOMatic – PingOMAtic will ping other services when you update your blog. With WordPress it can be added to your ping list and it will be done automatically. With other services, just visit the site and enter your blog details and ping it.

MyBlogLog – This is a plugin for WordPress that shows who is visiting your blog. When you are a free member and visit other blogs, you show up on them too. So it can give you some free traffic for no extra effort.

Technorati – They have a blog directory that you can submit your blog to and track its progress as they are listed in popularity. Again, it can give you free traffic for doing 5 minutes work once.


Adsense – Sign up for free and show adverts on your blog. When someone clicks on an advert, you earn money.

Clickbank – Sign up to Clickbank for free and promote products related to the content of your blog. Earn between 50% – 75% per sale.

If you have any free blog resources you think should be on this list, please submit them below and I’ll take a look. Popular ones only though please!

Thanks for reading!