3 Way Link Building Explained

I’d like to explain 3 way link building. You may or may not have heard about it before but it is a great way to get relevant links that are far more powerful than reciprocal link building.

What I am talking about here is getting links from related sites. Nothing at all to do with bookmarking or article marketing.

This is mainly for blogs you want to promote long term.

Traditional Reciprocal Link Building

This is normally done like this:

#1 – Search Google for keywords related to your site and find sites that are relevant to your own.

#2 – Check if they have a links page.

#3 – Contact them to arrange a reciprocal link swap (you link to them, they link to you).

This used to work great but of course Google now knows what is happening and doesn’t give the links as much power.

What you need are one way links. That is where 3 way link building comes in.

3 Way Link Building

Here’s how it is done:

#1 – Build another small site in the same niche as your own. Put a links page on it.

#2 – Do the same search in Google and look for relevant sites that have a links page.

#3 – Contact them and explain to them the power of one way links and why they are better than reciprocal links. Tell them you will link to them from your other site, if they place a link to your main site. This way all sites are getting relevant one way links and a huge boost in the SERPS.

It seriously doesn’t take many relevant one way links to give your blogs a real jump up in the results.

Hope that helps!