Get More Traffic with Sexy Images

Sexy ImagesDon’t worry; I’m not turning my blog into some seedy hangout with too much flesh on display!

What I am referring to in this post is the use of images to drive more traffic to your blog. They don’t necessarily have to be sexy ones, they can be any images that are related to your niche.

There are 2 ways to get some great traffic to your blog by using them:

#1 – In Your Blog Post

Each blog post you make should ideally have some sort of image. Not only will your readers enjoy seeing them as they add more value to your posts but they are also indexed in the search engines.

Yes, people do still search for images!

So, when adding them to your blog post, be sure to tag them up correctly. Here’s what I mean by this:

Add A Title

You should always add a title when inserting an image into your post. This can be a short description of the image or a keyword you are targeting in your post.

By adding images into each post, you will start to see a small trickle of people finding your blog from image searches. Once you have lots of images, that trickle will change to a regular flow of visitors.

#2 – Flickr (and other image hosting sites)

The second way to get lots of visitors is to use an image hosting solution, such as Flickr.


All you need to do is regularly add images to your account on Flickr, name them with a good title and add a link back to your blog from each one.

Flickr images in particular get ranked highly in the search engines, so can be a great way to get lots of free traffic.

So that concludes this method of using sexy (not essential!) images to drive in hoards of extra readers to your blog.

Enjoy Your Blogging!