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Really Busy Week Plus Sites To Look Out For

Blogs To Look Out For

Well that was a really busy week. I made and sold almost 30 blogs this week, as well as keeping up with the launch of I don’t think I have ever worked this hard before!

All blogs were auto blogs, loaded with 12 months of content and unique WordPress themes etc. If you ever thought that blog flipping was slowing down…think again!

Blogs To Look Our For

There has been a big influx of movie blogs on Flippa this week. All look similar but have different domain names. They are loaded with lots of movie data and have thousands of pages.

Here’s an example –

The thing to notice is that they are selling really well, so it could be something to jump in on yourself.

If anyone knows where these blogs are getting their info from and also how the themes are displaying the movie images on the homepage – please let me know in a comment below 🙂

That’s all for today, I’ll try and not leave the next update so long.