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The Importance of Setting Your Blogging Goals

Setting GoalsIt can be very easy when starting a blog to say to yourself “I’m going to make this blog successful”. But in reality, just by saying you will make it successful is not enough to actually get there.

Of course you are going to have to take some action too but even then it might not be as successful as it can be.

So what is the answer Tony?

The answer my friend is so simple, yet overlooked by so many:

Setting Specific Goals

By setting specific goals, you can work towards then by taking consistent action. If your goals aren’t specific enough, then you probably won’t take the right actions and never even know when you have achieved what you set out to achieve.

It’s easy to set a specific goal by adding a number to it. For example:

Goal #1 – To have 10,000 RSS subscribers

Goal #2 – To hit 1000 readers of your blog each day

Goal #3 – To make $10,000 each month from your blog

Taking Baby Steps

Once you have your large goals set out, you can then plan some baby steps to get there. Each of these steps will bring you closer to your main goal.

By setting specific goals and taking the baby steps to reach them, it makes things so much easier and goals can be achieved far quicker.

If you read any books by successful people, almost all will tell you that they planned specific goals and worked hard to achieve them. It allows the mind to focus and be disciplined on taking action because you are always concentrating on the larger goals.

So Here’s What To Do

Think about what you really want to achieve from your blog. Write these things down and be sure to add a specific number to each goal. Then take each goal and write a plan of how to achieve it. Write these steps down with the main goal at the top. Then follow each step and be sure to cross them off as you go along.

Make sure you have this list in a prominent place where you see it each day. You can then focus on the main goal but also see what progress you have made. You can also see how many steps are left and will continue to do them because you have that main goal in your sights.

Setting goals is not just important for your blogging success but should be used in all forms of your life.

Try it and I think you will see some pretty cool changes in your life!

Enjoy Your Blogging!