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How To Improve Your Blog By Spreading The Link Love!

Spread The Link Love!In this post I want to show you how to get higher search engine rankings and provide your readers with a lot more value at the same time. Some of you may already be doing this but for those who aren’t then you really should start.

Spreading The Link Love!

OK, what do I mean by this?

Well it’s a common mistake by many bloggers (and website owners for that matter) to just think they can add extra content to their blogs in the form of a 400 word post and that will be enough to get them a really popular blog.

Well of course, it’s certainly possible but it isn’t going to be half as beneficial as providing a 400 word post that contains links out to related sites. You actually link out to sites that provide more information on key points in your post.

Blogging is about providing your readers with as much information as you can. But it’s also about making sure they are getting lots of value from your post, even if you cannot provide every last detail yourself.

Here Are The Benefits Of Spreading The Link Love!

Increased Reader Value – The first benefit is that you are giving your readers even more value. If they see something on your post and want to find out more information, they can because you have provided a link to an external site which has that information. Have all your links open in a new window and you’re not even losing that visitor completely from your blog.

Higher Search Engine Rankings – The major search engines (Google, Yahoo & MSN) place a higher value on sites that link out to related resources. Just take a look at Wikipedia for instance. Sure they provide a lot of accurate information but have you noticed how many external links they provide on EVERY single page they have? They are a huge resource and that is why they are one of the top ten visited websites in the world (Source – Alexa).

Trackbacks, Pingbacks & Visitors – When you link out to another related blog in your niche, a few good things happen. The first is that you may get a trackback from the post you are linking to, especially if you are using WordPress. So that is an instant link back to your blog from another related blog. This can increase your blogs backlinks and also bring in targeted visitors.

The other thing you are doing is informing the blog owner that you have linked to them. They will see your trackback and also see that there are people visiting their blog from your blog post. You then have a much higher chance of them linking to your blog in one of their own post or even just contacting you to arrange some guest authoring.


Hopefully you now see the benefit of spreading some link love on your blog. Linking out to related websites has many benefits and you’ll start to see them when you actually start doing it!

So what are you waiting for?

Enjoy Your Blogging!