4 thoughts on “How Often Should You Post To Your Blog?

  • good points.
    I agree that it’s really the content’s quality that matters rather than how often you post.
    Having said that, a blogger should post more than once a week IMO.

  • Absolutely!

    That’s why I recommend at least once a day. You need to keep readers interested in your content and once a week will not get the interest you need to have a successful blog.


  • Hi Tony,

    Thanks for following me on Twitter. I must say that you’ve a nice blog here.

    I like this post. It reminds bloggers about their commitment to their blog. Currently I’m unable to supply posts daily. But 2-3 days a week is what I’ve committed to my blog.

    And yeah I do agree with you and Omer that quality of contents is what we, as a blogger have to focus and not the quantity.

    After reading this post, I assume that you’re a daily poster? Anyway nice to meet you, Tony.

    Kevin Tan

  • Hi Kevin

    Thanks for your comments.

    It can be a difficult balance between how often you should post and how often can actually post.

    I think most readers will forgive you for a few days as long as your posts give them quality information that helps them.

    All the best


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