4 EASY Steps to Huge Amazon Commissions

Sadly when new updates come out from Google it causes people to panic and move away from trying to rank in Google at all. Whilst this is sad for those people, it opens the door for people to rush in and make a killing because there is less competition than ever before. My own sites rank better … [Read more...]

Content Curation – The Easy Way to Create Blog Posts

I've somehow managed to work fulltime online since 2003. In the majority of that time, I have made most mon-ey by creating websites and selling them. So I always look at trends and study closely which sites are popular and selling for good amounts. Then I create sites following those trends … [Read more...]

Content Maximization Method

In this post I’ll run through how I make the most out of my blog content. Years ago, I would add a new post to a blog and that would have been the end of it. The post is added and I move on. If I wanted to use an article for promotion purposes I would write another one. If I wanted to add another … [Read more...]

Auto Blogs – Worth It or Not?

I’ve been building auto blogs for around 8-9 years now. Even before some of the popular auto blogging plugins such as WP Robot were even created. I had my own very simple script made that pulled in RSS news feeds, images and also span random paragraphs of content. Yes, it was simple but it … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays to All My Readers!

So it’s that time of year again, where does a year go? I’d just like to take this opportunity to wish my readers a fantastic Christmas and all the best for the New Year. As well as being full of family fun, it’s also a time for reflection. Personally I look at what I’ve done in the last 12 … [Read more...]

Interview with 9 Niche Site Building Experts

If I want to invest my time in doing something and want to learn from someone then I need to know that they are getting results from what they teach. That is crucial and one thing I highly recommend you do yourself. Anyone can make a rehashed course with old information but people who prove … [Read more...]

Are 1 Page Blogs Now Dead?

In a recent post I talked about the difference between building small niche blogs or building authority blogs. Each of them has their advantages. But since the Panda update a lot of people now believe that small (thin) sites will drop down the rankings. Well with anything I do online, I always … [Read more...]

Using the Trophy Pigeon Method

This post follows on from my post yesterday about ways to make your blog more popular. There is a recently released product which I bought myself called the Trophy Pigeon method. It’s being sold on the Warrior Forum and you can download it from here. Its concept shows how to get 10,000 or more … [Read more...]

How to Make My Blog Popular

How to make my blog popular is a question that is asked by hundreds (possibly thousands) of bloggers every year. They have a great looking blog which they created themselves or paid hundreds of dollars for someone to make it for them, yet each time they log into their traffic stats they see 4 or … [Read more...]

Advantages of Being a Popular Blogger

Yesterday in this post I mentioned the recent story of travel bloggers Craig Makepeace and Caz Makepeace who were paid by Qantas to follow the rugby World Cup in New Zealand. They had an all expenses paid trip to follow and report on each game. Why did Qantas do that? Well because Craig and … [Read more...]