Niche Blogs or Authority Blogs, Which are Best?

I guess many people see traditional ‘blogging’ as one person writing about their expertise or lives on one blog. If they do this regularly then that blog can become an authority in its particular market. They could possibly get a lot of traffic and build up a following and community base then choose … [Read more...]

Choosing Keywords for Niche Blogs

So I’ve been building niche blogs for 8 or 9 years now and during that time the guidelines I use have changed a lot. Not only with how I set up my blogs but also how I go about choosing keywords for my niche blogs. First of All, What is a Niche Blog? My niche blogs are generally 4-5 page blogs … [Read more...]

Ways to Find Blog Topic Ideas

Finding blog topic ideas can often stop bloggers dead in their tracks. Some get almost paralyzed and just can’t think of a topic to blog about. So in this article I will run through some of the methods I use to come up with blog topic ideas that are relevant to my niche and also that my readers will … [Read more...]

Ideas for Blog Names

Coming up with ideas for blog names might sound easy at first. But then when you realise it could literally make or break your blog, then you know that you might want to spend a little time getting it right. There are of course no real rights or wrongs in choosing your name but there are several … [Read more...]

Blogging Tips And Tutorials

If you want to be a successful blogger then learning all you can with blogging tips and tutorials is obviously recommended. This will give you a general overview of how to make a good blog that people will enjoy reading. Whether you choose to make money with your blog is entirely up to you but … [Read more...]

Best Blog Titles – 2 Tips For Using the Best Blog Titles

There’s no doubt about it, using the best blog titles can not only get more interest from your readers but also get you more free traffic from the search engines. It can sometimes be tricky to decide whether you are writing for your readers or writing for the search engines in terms of adding … [Read more...]

5 WordPress Plugins I Install On All My Blogs

You can often take things for granted when setting up blogs. I instantly know exactly which plugins and settings I need for all my blogs and just install them in minutes. So I thought I would share some of the things I install on my blogs and why. So here goes… Akismet – THE Spam Killer OK … [Read more...]

3 Blog Tips For Creating A Hugely Successful Blog

In this article I’m going to look at some important tips that will help you to create a successful blog. There are of course hundreds of small things you can do to help but I’ll focus on 5 of the biggest things you’ll need to begin with. So let’s go: 1. The Topic Must Interest You If you’re … [Read more...]

How To Build A Blog To Sell For $20,000

I follow website sales almost everyday, so am always on checking out what is selling and what isn’t selling. A few days ago I noticed a blog sold for $20,000 and it got me thinking about how easy it would be to create something similar. The blog in question was and … [Read more...]

Using Videos to Increase Traffic to Your Affiliate Links

I’ve been using quite a lot of videos recently to promote Amazon products. All I have been doing is making short 1-2 minute videos, uploading them to Youtube and adding my affiliate link directly under the video. Tracking the videos is easy by using to shorten the affiliate link and tracks … [Read more...]