Almost 12 Months in One Post

It’s amazing how quick a year can go isn’t it. It’s been nearly 12 months since I posted to this blog. Not that I’ve simply neglected it, just been really busy creating products and selling them. But now I am going to start this blog going again, sharing blogging tips, site flipping tips and lots … [Read more...]

LFMPire Bristol – My First Ever Marketing Event!

Well I have now returned from my first ever marketing event and I’ve got to say it was AWESOME! It was held down in Bristol and hosted by Robert Puddy and Donna Fox. There were so many well known marketers at the event that it was like a real who’s who of faces. I travelled down with David … [Read more...]

Really Busy Week Plus Sites To Look Out For

Well that was a really busy week. I made and sold almost 30 blogs this week, as well as keeping up with the launch of I don’t think I have ever worked this hard before! All blogs were auto blogs, loaded with 12 months of content and unique Wordpress themes etc. If you ever thought … [Read more...]

Is Flippa Becoming Less Popular?

I’ve been reading quite a few comments this week about how slow things are moving on Flippa, especially new sites. I’ve noticed it myself with none of my 4 auto blogs having any interest since I listed them several days ago. Is it just a slow market or do people not want auto blogs any … [Read more...]

I’m Throwing Formal Out Of The Window

OK, I’ve decided to change the direction of my blog. Big move I know but I think it’s going to be best for me AND you. So what’s changing? Well, I’ve decided to stop my formal posts giving you blogging tips as often as I can. Why am I doing this? Well let’s be honest, you can get … [Read more...] Launch – Learn How To Flip Blogs

Yesterday was a very exciting day in the life of Tony Newton (that’s me!). I released a new product that shows exactly how to earn money by flipping blogs. But that wasn’t most exciting part……I got to work with Tony Shepherd on the project. Tony is a hugely successful internet marketer and … [Read more...]

Useful Lists For Bloggers

Thought I would make a small list of some lists today! So here goes: SEO Blog Directories To Submit … [Read more...]

Million Dollar Blog Examples

We would all like a blog that was worth in excess of $1 million right? Well it's actually quite a lot easier than you think :) To give you just a few examples of what I am talking about here and what is easily possible, let’s take a look at some examples: – You may have heard of … [Read more...]

5 Blog Tips To Improve Your Blog

Sometimes even small changes can make a big difference. This can be said about improving your blog too. Just the smallest of things can be changed to increase your blogs readership and the quality of it. So let’s look at 5 blog tips that can improve your blog starting today: #1 – Forget Being … [Read more...]

Top Ten Blogs About Blogging

It’s always useful to find as much information about your chosen topic as you can. So finding several blogs that share this information is very useful indeed. So, below I’ll list the top ten blogs about blogging and why I like them so much. Of course I'm not including my own blog in this list … [Read more...]